Wiped out of toilet paper? Here’s why

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Top toilet paper manufacturer Kimberly-Clark has a message for all those Americans who didn’t get a chance to score rolls during the mad dash for household goods as stay-at-home orders went into effect: Toilet paper is coming. Last week alone, the U. We see the empty shelves, our teams see those empty shelves and they are working really hard, really safely to make sure that we close the gap,” Mastorides says.

Over the last few weeks though, Mastorides says the company has “simplified” production lines to increase speed and volume. For example, Kimberly-Clark significantly minimized the numbers of specialty products it’s making, says Mastorides. Typically, production line workers switch SKUs or stock keeping units to make different types of toilet paper like ultra soft, strong or sensitive rolls, which can slow down production.

Now, Kimberly-Clark has reduced variety to enable higher volume.

One of the world’s largest suppliers says this is reason behind the toilet paper shortage

Gentlemen, jokes aside! Today we are talking about toilet paper. This essential hygiene product was only recently developed in the United States in the 19th century.

Finding toilet paper in a global pandemic is a struggle. Everyday Heroes · Frozen in Time · Made in Central Minnesota · This Date in History; Features to make more household paper because commercial paper is very different. say they’re making fewer varieties in an effort to speed product to stores.

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There was a time before the coronavirus pandemic when toilet paper was plentiful. Not anymore. And when will it be widely available again? Toilet paper has become the definitive pandemic product that Americans expected to source; not only is it a basic necessity, it is relatively cheap to buy in bulk and will certainly be used at a later date. For the average customer, it is much easier to assume that the lack of 4-packs in stores is the responsibility of a local panic buyer who has gotten hold of several TP rollers before everyone else.

The maker of Cottonelle and Scott toilet paper says its employees are says the company has “simplified” production lines to increase speed and volume. But as far as a date when shelves will be fully stocked with product.

Finding toilet paper in a global pandemic is a struggle. That’s because it’s part of a very tight supply chain. Toilet paper is so bulky and cheap that stores don’t keep big inventories on hand. So, as more households buy a little extra, that causes a lot of disruption. Analysts say the panic buying from mid-March has eased somewhat, and toilet paper companies say they’re making fewer varieties in an effort to speed product to stores.

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With toilet paper in short supply in recent weeks due to the COVID pandemic, a Binghamton University supply chain expert predicts the shelves will be amply stocked soon. Stories of consumers unable to purchase toilet paper flooded the news and social media in March as Americans began to anticipate coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders. Now, nearly two months later, it is still difficult to find toilet paper in many stores.

As millions of Americans began transitioning to working from home, Sheldon says this put an additional burden on the toilet paper market. Sheldon says the market was unable to absorb this initial shock because home-grade toilet paper is made from different material than commercial-grade toilet paper commonly used in offices and public places.

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Wiped Out of Toilet Paper? Here’s Why

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