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Now more than ever, The Stranger depends on your support to help fund our coverage. Please consider supporting local, independent, progressive media with a one-time or recurring donation. Our staff is working morning, noon, and night to make your contributions count. This is not a screengrab of Seattle users—this is a generic image provided by Grindr’s PR department. Grindr, the hookup app for men who have sex with men, rolled out a new update last week, expanding their “gender” category and inviting a wider array of users. Options for gender now include “cis man,” “trans man,” “cis woman,” “trans woman,” “non-binary,” “non-conforming,” “queer,” and “crossdresser,” as well custom categories you can make up yourself. There was no option for our preferred pronoun, the royal we, but, luckily, there’s space for custom pronouns as well. The update, according to the company, is part of an effort to be more inclusive of trans users.

‘I can’t be a 24-hour sexual fantasy’: Juno Dawson on dating as a trans woman

Online dating can be frustrating. Learning more about the different features of these apps will help you find an app that corresponds to the kind of online dating experience you would like to have. Scruff allows you to browse through millions of profiles from nearby and around the world. Targeted toward men who have, or like, a little scruff, the app gives you options to search for different types of guys.

We spoke to Pfosi about Grindr and the effects of dating apps on the queer Transmedia artist Nicholas Pfosi set out to explore this phenomenon very design of the Grindr app plays a crucial role in creating the problems.

Is Grindr still the most desirable dating app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people? This dating community already has over 27,, total members around the globe. Seemingly, the majority of the users were also appalled that their information is being shared with third party service providers. At the recommendation of HIV prevention experts and the community of Grindr users, there is now an option to publish your health characteristics in your Grindr community profile.

These include HIV status and date last tested. So, as you complete your profile, remember that if you choose to include your status on your sexual health, that information will become public to other users of the Grindr app.

Twitter suspends Grindr from ad network after alleged privacy violations

There has been an enormous groundswell of public condemnation after reports emerged recently that hook-up app Grindr has been sharing data on the HIV status of its users to two external analytics companies it was working with. That CDC report set in motion a series of events that led to the identification of a new retrovirus in and its naming, three years later, as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV.

Since then — and thanks to pressure from activists — medical research on HIV and AIDS has passed several milestones, from the development of successful antiretroviral treatments in to the more recent introduction of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis PrEP , which research now shows can successfully prevent HIV infection. Successful treatment regimes, meanwhile, can make HIV-positive people uninfectious.

Grindr’s Trans Dating Problem. January When trans men use gay dating apps, they face disgust, prejudice, curiosity, and questions about their genitalia.

The social media company Grindr launched a new initiative this week to combat different forms of discrimination experienced by users of its popular gay dating app, which boasts 3. The first video of the series was published Tuesday and has nearly , views. Reaction to the campaign has been divided, with many on social media praising Grindr for taking a stand on the issue of discrimination and online bullying, while others have questioned whether the new effort will be effective.

While I’m not on the apps anymore myself, I’m still dealing with the effects of sexual racism and bias I’ve experienced my entire life. This new Kindr thing by Grindr is a well intentioned thing but at the end conflicts with app itself: an app to choose who you hook up with is by definition and app to discriminate. Now you need to do it less obviously, with a smile. Hey Grindr , if you really wanna combat the spread of racism on your platform, maybe you could start by, ya know Kelvin LaGarde of Columbus, Ohio, said he has experienced racial discrimination on Grindr and other dating apps.

Grindr Review August 2020

With millions of users worldwide, Grindr is one of the most popular dating apps for gay and bisexual men. The app was launched in , making it older than Tinder. Since then, Grindr has changed the gay scene completely. With the app users can check out profiles of people in their neighborhood, exchange messages, and look for a date. Online dating is mostly a lot of fun.

Grindr, the iPhone and BlackBerry “dating” app aimed at gay men, might have a trans problem on its hands. Already fighting off the notion that.

Already fighting off the notion that its app can be used by child molesters and murderers to find victims, Grindr now stands accused of deleting any mention of trans users transness. According to an email sent to us, one trans user who found his profile being removed wrote in to Grindr:. That it in any way prevents people from messaging me? That it is so hateful a state that it ought to be censored? I hope you get seriously sued for discrimination. Because you suck.

Grindr is not a cure for coronavirus anxiety

Mainstream apps like Tinder, Grindr and OkCupid have been slow to recognize the needs of their trans users. And even if you do find a match on an app, dating IRL can pose very real threats. Though roughly 1. And sadly, transphobia is on the rise ; was the deadliest year for transgender people, with at least 28 deaths tracked by the Human Rights Campaign. Christiana Rose , a year-old YouTuber from St. There have been a lot of off-putting experiences anyway.

Dating apps can foster toxic environments that include racism and homophobia. Grindr is one app trying to combat the problem. Francis Andreis, an year-old trans man and Grindr user who lives in Toronto, said he often.

Last week, Grindr announced a series of new features intended to make the famous queer-specific dating app more inclusive. Cisgender women will also have a place on the app for the first time. We wanted to get it right, and the only way to do so is through insight from the global trans community, feedback, and buy-in from global trans leaders.

For nonbinary student Mads, these changes are welcome. The app is also a relatively safe haven for women like author and trans-activist Juno Roche, whose debut book Queer Sex is due for release in April next year. Grindr has made positive steps in the realm of sexual health, allowing its users to state their last sexual health check and offering FAQs which explain terms like “undetectable.

For me, Grindr at least gives me shortcuts like the “undetectable” category and a “tribe. At least on Grindr I have a “tribe.

Staying safe on Grindr: How to protect your privacy

You roll along to some cafe or pub, nervous to meet a stranger whose use of Instagram filters is deft enough to have convinced you they look like a human being, and who you believe to be interesting because they say they like reading and travel. Does anyone hate reading or travel? We are the obscure progressive jazz album of the modern dating scene, the acquired taste, the blue cheese. I am bi, but — in truth — have currently only been dating men.

‘Sexual racism’ is a major problem on queer dating apps like Grindr, and it may be Queer digital dating spaces — especially those involving men A trans dad underwent $30, worth of fertility treatments to have a baby.

T elling my mother at the age of 30 that I was a woman was the hardest thing I have ever done. Harder than living through a divorce as a child; harder than being mugged for a Buffy VHS boxset outside Virgin Megastore in Bradford; harder than being a queer teenager in rural Yorkshire; harder than being a teacher in an Ofsted-failing school; harder than getting my first novel published; harder than being unceremoniously dumped by the love of my life.

Yes, even harder than telling Mum I was a gay man more than 10 years earlier. The ideal scenario would have been soft-focused. We are not that kind of family. We are northern. Coming out as a gay man was a slow process for me. It was cowardly, but I let her work it out for herself, gradually distancing myself until it was down to her to reel me back in. She wanted to know what our plans for the evening were. Since that day, our relationship had been stronger than ever.

Fast-forwarding to , it seemed sad that I would now jeopardise everything we had worked so hard for. Yes, we have our Ellens and Caitlyns and Eltons, but they all have their mothers and I have mine. As far as she was concerned, she had one son and one daughter.

I’m a Heterosexual Woman Who’s Politically Opposed to Heterosexuality

People have long dreamt of having a better, more technological means of picking up than awkwardly approaching someone in a bar. Grindr, for all of you living under a big sexless rock, is one of the earliest gay male dating applications for the iPhone and the first to successfully incorporate GPS technology into their system. But, as with all convenient methods of obtaining sex via the Internet, with popularity comes some controversy.

Can you tell me why?

Transgender men and women share their dating experiences and talk Mainstream apps like Tinder, Grindr and OkCupid have been slow to a widespread lack of understanding of trans issues among the general public.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Health experts say this could add to the stigma around HIV. In an analysis of privacy leaks and data sharing at Grindr, SINTEF found that the company is also sharing other personal details of users — including GPS position, sexuality, and phone ID — with a slew of marketing and advertising companies.

Justin Lehmiller , a sex and psychology researcher at the Kinsey Institute, was not surprised by the news, given the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal at Facebook. Sharing STD information is dangerous not just for the people who risk having their personal data exposed, he added. They also pretty uniformly agree that these sites and apps could play an important role in preventing STD outbreaks. But the revelations reported by BuzzFeed may hamper these efforts — at a key moment in the increasingly urgent fight against STDs.

To Grindr / Not to Grindr

They created the account together, intending to connect with other queer people in their small Midwestern city of Appleton, Wis. By all accounts, should have been a record year for the leading gay dating app, which touts some 27 million users. Instead, the Los Angeles-based company has received backlash for one blunder after another. The Kindr campaign attempts to stymie the racism, misogyny, ageism and body-shaming that many users endure on the app.

Titled “Kindr,” the new initiative will tackle issues such as sexual racism, transphobia, and fat shaming through a combination of new community.

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Grindr is revealing its users’ HIV status to third-party companies

Recently, however, several dating apps, including Grindr, Blued and BoyAhoy, have been blocked. Blocking the apps means that when people try to use them, empty profiles are loaded and no photos or links can be accessed. While the Police Criminal Investigation Agency Bareskrim asked the Ministry of Information to block these apps on the specific — but spurious — grounds that they were being used by paedophiles to pimp teenage boys out to men, it is important to recognise that such moves come on the back of the anti-LGBT crisis plaguing Indonesia since January Dating apps, however, are not just used by people wanting to hook up for casual sex.

Screengrabs of stupid shit said to trans men on Grindr. Submissions welcome! All identifying information will be redacted. Dick pics will be.

Hi there! My partner recently came out as non-binary and wants a binder. Alternatively, a binder flattens the chest and has no cup. The idea is to pull flat the breast tissue to give the effect of a flat chest. Binders are sold by specialist companies catering to the trans family. Alternatively, one can get a compression vest which is used in a similar way to the compression bra but for people without breasts.

These are sold more generally and tend to be cheaper. Okay, I have come up with two amazing names for the upcoming trans-friendly, trans-safe and all-equal dating site and app. Platform development is going really well too. Simple as that. General fuckboi Grindr behaviour e. Originally for me to have a place to bitch about the ignorance I have to put up with as a trans man using a gay hook up app.

Trans Women Discuss Online Dating