Use the Audience tab of YouTube Analytics to learn who is watching your videos. This data is based on logged-in viewers from all devices. By default, the Audience tab will show unique viewers, average views per viewer, and subscribers. These metrics, combined, give you an idea of the size of your audience, as well as their level of engagement. Note : Some data, such as geography, traffic sources, or gender, may be limited in YouTube Analytics. The Top countries report shows you which countries have the most watch time for your channel or specific video selected. Use it to learn what parts of the world are most interested in your content. Demographics data, such as age and gender, may be limited in YouTube Analytics.

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YouTube was launched in It was founded by three PayPal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who ran the company from a de rigueur small office above a small restaurant in a small Californian city. Today, he has plenty of company. Venture capital was not the only source of interest in the company: in late , Google, no less, came knocking. Time would include YouTube on its person of the year cover the same year.

A state of despair reigned the region and “most of the Middle East countries Communication Technologies (ICT) tools—Facebook, cell phones, YouTube, or verbal communication—channeled the voices, and brought people of different ages, without the use of modern day social media, dating back to the sit-ins during.

This article comes from Den of Geek UK. The relationship between humans and cats over time has given way to a number of cultural impressions and outright superstitions. Ancient Egyptians associated them with gods. In the Middle Ages, they were linked with witches and killed en masse, which probably hastened the spread of the Black Plague through the rodent population. Like anything with such a wide array of symbolic links, movies have presented cats as characters in different ways over the years.

Ad — content continues below. What follows is not a complete, exhaustive cat-alogue of their screen history in the genre.

Citing Sources: Citing Nontraditional Sources in Chicago

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Apple May Have Leaked The iPhone 12 Launch Date By Mistake On Its YouTube Channel In fact, the leak may have from Apple themselves on their YouTube channel as someone spotted the company A middle aged man with grey hair and a tie-dye shirt Noise Friendship Through The Ages: Yaara.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Northeastern Europe, especially north of the Baltic Sea, however, remains less well understood largely due to the lack of preserved human remains.

Finland, with a divergent population history from most of Europe, offers a unique perspective to hunter-gatherer way of life, but thus far genetic information on prehistoric human groups in Finland is nearly absent. Here we report complete ancient mitochondrial genomes from human remains dated to AD —, and explore mtDNA diversity associated with hunter-gatherers and Neolithic farmers.

The results indicate largely unadmixed mtDNA pools of differing ancestries from Iron-Age on, suggesting a rather late genetic shift from hunter-gatherers towards farmers in North-East Europe. Furthermore, the data suggest eastern introduction of farmer-related haplogroups into Finland, contradicting contemporary genetic patterns in Finns. Genetic studies on anthropological remains have exceedingly helped to shed light on various human populations as well as past events and processes.

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Esoteric and nontraditional sources are cited in very specific formats in the Chicago style. These sources are most often cited in the notes and bibliography style, as it can be difficult to create a concise in-text citation for nontraditional source information. Cite the image following the style for the source where the image was found, such as book, article, website, etc.

Tracking YouTube analytics is an important part of any YouTube marketing strategy. some basic analytics in the middle of your screen (Watch time, Views, Subscribers, their age, gender, and geographical location—check demographics. your videos have been watched within the selected date range.

With the collapse of the Roman Empire during the 4th—5th centuries, Europe sank into a period in which little furniture, except the most basic, was used: chairs, stools, benches, and primitive chests were the most common items. Several centuries were to pass before the invading Teutonic peoples evolved forms of furniture that approached the Roman standard of domestic equipment. Comparatively little furniture of the medieval period in Europe has survived, and only a handful of these pieces date from before the end of the 13th century.

One reason for this is the perishable nature of wood, but more important is the fact that furniture was made in relatively small quantities until the Renaissance. Much of the earlier history of furniture has to be drawn from contemporary literature, illuminated manuscripts, Romanesque and Gothic sculpture, and later inventory descriptions. There is evidence that certain ancient traditions of furniture making, particularly that of turnery , influenced early medieval craftsmen.

Turnery was used in making chairs, stools, and couches in Byzantium, and it seems that this technique was known across Europe as far north as Scandinavia. The Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf , which gives some glimpses of the domestic economy of western Europe in about the 7th century, mentions no furniture other than benches and some kind of seat or throne for the overlord. In the 14th and 15th centuries there were many developments both in construction and design of furniture throughout Europe; a range of new types, among them cupboards, boxes with compartments, and various sorts of desks, evolved slowly.

Most of the furniture produced was such that it could be easily transported. A nobleman who owned more than one dwelling place usually had only one set of furnishings that he carried with him from house to house.

Why our ancestors drilled holes in each other’s skulls

If you need a solid dose of girl power , a pep talk from an older sister stand-in, advice from someone who can understand your life experiences, or if you just want to celebrate and support female content creators, the solution is right in your headphones. Tuning in to one of the best podcasts for women helps check all of these boxes, and there’s more of them all the time.

Despite podcasting’s reputation as the purview of tech-literate men, that’s starting to change.

Currently, SNAP participants age 18 to 49 who are not raising minor where clients must travel to pick up a food box at a set date and time.

Most people might recall TikTok as being the hit pop single by Kesha. But for the teens of the world, it has taken a completely different meaning. TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world which presents an alternative version of online sharing. It allows users to create short videos with music, filters, and some other features. TikTok provides a platform for users to express themselves in a very creative way. Discover thousands of products you can start selling online.

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The medieval calendar

Thousands of years ago, people were performing a form of surgery called “trepanation” that involves boring holes through a person’s skull. For a large part of human prehistory, people around the world practised trepanation: a crude surgical procedure that involves forming a hole in the skull of a living person by either drilling, cutting or scraping away layers of bone with a sharp implement.

To date, thousands of skulls bearing signs of trepanation have been unearthed at archaeological sites across the world. But despite its apparent importance, scientists are still not completely agreed on why our ancestors performed trepanation. Anthropological accounts of 20th-Century trepanations in Africa and Polynesia suggest that, in these cases at least, trepanation was performed to treat pain — for instance, the pain caused by skull trauma or neurological disease.

Most of us were taught, in history class, that the Middle Ages ended Hundreds of them date from the years and , and they read.

A free online safety guide on Instagram, offering parents and carers advice and guidance on one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. A free online safety guide offering parents and carers advice and guidance on the dangers of phishing, the method of scamming users for their personal information online. A free online safety guide giving parents and carers advice and support around the use of webcams, focusing on how to spot the risks associated with them, at a time where they have become crucial in staying connected with others.

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A free online safety guide giving parents and carers ideas for ways to start the conversation with children about what they may be accessing and viewing online. A free online safety guide to help increase children’s awareness around screen addiction, especially with increased device usage during lockdown. A free online safety guide to Microsoft Teams, the video conferencing software and live streaming app used by many schools to help with remote learning, providing the ability to chat, video call and host online meetings with as many as 10, people.

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A free guide to help parents and carers protect their children from the increased risk of online grooming as children spend more time online, including identification and available support.

How Dark Were the Dark Ages?